Nutrition Advanced Modules

On this page, you'll find a curated collection of our optional Advanced Modules, each tailored to specific genres. These modules become available for purchase after you've completed your first two assignments successfully. Every Advanced Module comprises one module and one assignment, and upon successful completion, you can download a certificate of achievement.

Paediatric Nutrition


Childhood is a critical period for developing lifelong eating habits. Introducing a variety of nutritious foods early on helps children develop healthy habits for life!

Our Paediatric Nutrition Advanced Module has been developed by dietitian and nutrition consultant Skye Swaney, who has 14+ years of experience in the industry. Through a series of in-depth written materials and videos, you'll learn about the unique nutrition requirements in children of all ages, feeding infants and introducing solids, managing fussy eating, food allergies and intolerances in childhood, and more.

The Paediatric Nutrition Advanced Module also includes practical tools for your own use or for working with clients, including meal plans, recipes, and beyond.

If you're interested in expanding your existing knowledge, working with children to ensure they're getting the best start possible, or providing nutritional guidance to the children in your life, we encourage you to sign up for our Paediatric Nutrition Advanced Module.

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Nutrition Requirements in Childhood

Nutrition Assessment of Children

Feeding Infants

Introducing Solids

Feeding Toddlers and Fussy Eating

Food Allergies and Intolerances

Nutrition-Related Issues in Children

Raising Happy and Healthy Eaters

Feeding Teenagers

Vegetarian and Vegan Diets for Children

The Role of Nutrition in Neurodivergence


Meal Plans

Plant-Based Nutrition


With the ever-increasing popularity of the plant-based diet, there's never been a better time to learn all about it!

Through a series of videos and written materials authored by vegan dietitian Courtney Myers, you’ll build upon your knowledge from our Nutrition Course by learning about the health & nutrition benefits of a plant-based diet, plant-based sources of macro and micronutrients, how to coach plant-based clients in a healthy and sustainable way, and more!

The Plant-Based Advanced Module also contains practical tools for meeting your personal nutrition goals or those of your clients, including a vegan grocery list, meal plans, alternatives for gluten- and soy-free diets, and a variety of delicious plant-based recipes.

If you are already plant-based, interested in making the switch, or want to know how to work with clients who are vegan or want to be, we encourage you to sign up for our Plant-Based Nutrition Advanced Module.

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Course Overview

Why Is This Info Important?

Stats From Around The World

The Vegan Meat And Dairy Alternative Industry

What You’ll Learn

About The Author

Why Go Vegan?

Health/Nutritional Benefits

Environmental Benefits

Ethical Implications

About Plant-Based Diets

Six Food Groups

Nutrient Sources - Macronutrients

Specific Nutrients Of Concern

Supplement Tips

Plant-Based Swaps

Myths / Common Misconceptions

Plant-Based Grocery Shopping List

Vegan Fad Diets

Breakfast Recipes

Lunch & Dinner Recipes

Snack Recipes

Meal Plans

Vegan Meal Plan Sample

Meal Plan Modifications

Sports Nutrition


Immerse yourself in the dynamic field of sports nutrition and hone your knowledge of the essential role that nutrition plays with our Sports Nutrition Advanced Module!

Author Jessica Spendlove, the renowned Advanced Sports Dietitian, has created a series of videos and written materials that will teach you all about macro- and micronutrients, hydration, recovery nutrition, supplements, and more. The module will also cover more in-depth areas such as special requirements for various athlete population groups, sport-specific requirements, and anthropometry (body composition).

If you have an interest in the unique requirements of athletes, active individuals, and your own body's nutritional needs when it comes to exercise and competitive sports, we encourage you to dive into the world of Sports Nutrition.

Video Tutorial Overview

Meet The Author: Jess Spendlove

Chapter One: Introduction To Nutrition For Performance

Chapter Two: Nutrition Priorities For Fuelling

Chapter Three: Recovery Nutrition

Chapter Four: Sport Specific Requirements

Chapter Five: Relative Energy Deficiency In Sport (Red-S)

Chapter Six: Key Micronutrients For Active People

Chapter Seven: Special Requirements For Athlete Population Groups

Chapter Eight: Hydration

Chapter Nine: Introduction To Anthropometry/Body Composition

Chapter Ten: Supplements


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