About the Nutrition Course

Improve your overall health and happiness with our online Nutrition course!

In this 12-module course, you will gain a strong understanding of the role of nutrition in the human body by learning about each of the main food groups. You will learn about complex carbohydrates, polyunsaturated fats and the glycaemic index, become familiar with the vital purpose of antioxidants and their relationship with free radicals, and learn what to look out for even if products have a health endorsement claim. We will also focus on diet, well-being and obesity by examining the human energy balance, body detoxification, as well as acquire a deep comprehension of our metabolism.

Studying Online

The course is delivered online and you can study in your own time, at your own pace. Students are provided with 12 months to complete the course, and extensions can be purchased if extra time is required. The modules are designed to be read sequentially. They will help build a solid foundation of knowledge that not only gives you the skills to take control of your own health, but opens doors to the greater global conversation about the powerful impact nutrition has on disease, well-being and longevity.

There are exercises at the end of each module which will require you to participate in expressing what you have learnt. It is through participation and interaction that you will begin to feel more empowered and confident, not only to create healthy recipes, but to find your own voice about the power of food in holistic health.

As you move through the course, you will naturally experience transformation as your thoughts and opinions evolve. The strong foundation you will achieve will allow you to fulfil your potential as a Nutritionist.

Getting Started

When you enrol, you will receive a username and password that enables you to log onto our secure student site. From there, you can download your first module, which you could liken as your textbook as it contains all the information you will need to complete assignment one. Each module is approximately 90 pages in length and is full of detailed information delivered in a friendly, conversational manner that is easy to understand. The concepts are further explained by way of images and examples.

Once you have completed your assignment (some are just theoretical, but others combine theory and practical tasks) you then upload this onto our site for your tutor to mark. The tutors will give you a grade (out of 10) and a comprehensive evaluation of your work as well as ideas to help nurture and improve your knowledge each step of the way.

What makes The Nutrition Institute so unique is that throughout our course, you have access to the safety net and guidance of the team here at Student Support, who you can contact 24/7. 

You also have direct contact with your personal tutor who guides you closely through each step of the course, offering personalised and specific constructive criticism on your submitted work. If you ever have any questions in relation to your course or assignments, all you need to do is send your tutor a quick message and they will reply with an answer as soon as they can.

With this close tutor mentorship, you will feel like your tutor is in the same room as you, and all this can be achieved from the comfort of your own home. That is the beauty of our courses; you can study when you like and at your own pace.

The tutors who work for us are not just teachers, but the best working professionals in their field. By drawing on their knowledge, you will gain an edge that will help you realise your true potential.

Connect with #NIstudents

We have a Facebook group that we have exclusively designed for our students. This group contains students from across the globe, interacting with each other on all topics covered by our course. It provides a great opportunity for students to meet fellow students from all over the world, ask questions, share knowledge and experience, upload work, give and receive feedback, make new friends and talk everything nutrition.

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Rated 4.7 out of 5 based on 42 reviews.

  • Semon Elliott

  • 25 Oct 2021

Great course

Great course, I have learnt so much. Love the modules well written, with so much information added. This course is...

  • Melanie McIntyre

  • 28 Sep 2021

Well worth the time and effort

The content of the work is interesting and very informative. The layout of the modules is eye catching and user...

  • Zesuliwe Hlongwane

  • 26 Sep 2021

Helpful and eye opening course

I have learnt a lot about food already and can't wait to learn more.Looking forward to a healthier life

  • Petro Herbst

  • 08 Sep 2021

Awesome experience!

Very interesting and worth the effort.

  • Danelle du Plessis

  • 08 Sep 2021

Love the course

Love the course! It is very informative, everything you need to know about nutrition. I enjoy each and every module...

  • Charity Sihle Mncube

  • 02 Sep 2021

Charity Sihle

I love, I love i can't stress enough how much their modules are so amazing and have improved my everyday...

  • Rika Muller

  • 18 Aug 2021

As someone who has always been too lazy…

As someone who has always been too lazy to read the nutrition labels, I now have a better understanding of...

  • Jaden-Kay Moir

  • 12 Aug 2021

I am thoroughly enjoying this course

I am thoroughly enjoying this course. I love that I am able to work on my own time and that...

  • Gita Mupemhi

  • 11 Aug 2021

Sometimes Just Sit With It

Every module in the course came with its own enlightenment and challenges. I felt towards the third or fourth module...

  • Faith Taonekwa

  • 05 Aug 2021

The course was quite exciting,I really…

The course was quite exciting,I really gained a lot of things. it's really easy to understand and layed out well....

  • Sharon Gladwin

  • 05 Aug 2021

Loving this course

Loving this course, the content and assignments just keep me intrigued and eager to start my next module

  • Isabelle LAws

  • 03 Aug 2021

All very well presented Information

All very well presented Information Sometimes the link to the reference articles are no longer working so that could be...

  • Maria Maybery

  • 02 Aug 2021

I’ve done 10 modules so far and truly…

I’ve done 10 modules so far and truly enjoying this experience. The tutors are always there, ready to answer any...

  • Elisheva Williams

  • 28 Jul 2021

I am almost half way through my course…

I am almost half way through my course and I cant believe how much I have learnt to date. The...

  • Tracey Rosevear

  • 27 Jul 2021

Highly recommend the Nutrition Course

Studying through The Nutrition Institute My journey through this course was most informative and rewarding. I feel well equipped to...