Aliz Toth

Aliz's passion for nutrition began when she personally experienced the power of food as medicine after experiencing a number of unresolved health issues. That is when she decided to go back to university and complete further studies and gain her Bachelor in Nutritional Medicine and has not looked back since.

After being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Autoimmune Disease, she has taken a special interest in autoimmune conditions, with a specific focus on prevention with the use of nutrition and lifestyle factors.

Making sure to keep up with the latest research and resources is something she takes pride in to ensure she can offer the best and most up to date information, education and resources to others.

She has been working as a private consultant and dedicating her time to providing education and resources to others on their own health and healing journeys.



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Kassandra Kaleda

Kassandra has always possessed a strong appreciation for the connection between a healthy lifestyle and food, and loves nurturing this in others.

Accredited with a Bachelor of Food Science and Nutrition, Kassandra is a passionate Nutritionist and Health Coach who dedicates herself to supporting people to thrive in health, without sacrificing their love of food.

She uses her knowledge and experience to develop and present nutritional seminars across Australia and is committed to improving health education throughout the country. She is also experienced in overseeing resources and project management. Kassandra loves to cook and shares this joy with the community, providing demonstrations for innovative yet simple cooking skills that focus on incorporating more nutrients into everyday meals, while ensuring they remain full of flavour. She has created and successfully implemented a range of health and wellbeing initiatives and programs. She takes a holistic approach in all areas of her practice, not only supporting nutritional development, but working collaboratively to improve stress management, good sleep hygiene and overall health.

Above all, Kassandra works to incorporate healthy change to fit individual needs and provide tailored nutritional guidance to the unique life of every individual.

Kim Malcolm

Kim Malcolm is an accomplished, certified Nutritionist who genuinely lives her passion for food and lifestyle as medicine. She has worked globally throughout her career, meeting with private clients, writing and managing nutritional seminars for hundreds of people, creating whole food recipes, teaching cooking classes, and consulting to chefs and cafés.

Kim’s breadth of experience and decades of learning have given her deep wisdom about the principles that underpin holistic, healthy living. Her educational content is grounded in the conviction that we are all able to make transformational changes for our overall health by combining the science of nutrition with our own personal intuition. This approach provides practitioners and clients alike with a framework for making healthy choices that are both evidenced-based and conscious of one’s unique DNA, culture and life experience.

Her curiosity about natural, whole foods as fuel for the body is a common thread throughout her early childhood memories growing up in New Zealand. Her natural propensity to gather knowledge on this subject set the course for a lifestyle centred on nutritional wisdom and has supported her journey to become a woman who inspires well-being internationally.

Kims’ authenticity supports others to find their own ‘Bespoke Nutrition for a Holistic Lifestyle’ through her brand, Health Whisperer. ®


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